Long-lasting performance improvement

Transforming & implementing change

Bridging contradictions & dispute resolution

Team & leadership- development

HR due-diligence

What characterizes us

  • Measurable effect:
    We address all aspects that are necessary to ensure a long-lasting effect. By measuring before and during our deployment, we know the degree of progress and where to adjust. Moreover, it becomes clear how the efforts pay off.
  • Cost control:
    Our offers leave nothing to guess and contain no hidden clues. Additionally we always offer an opt-out option. This allows you perfect budget control.
  • Strong practise focus with minimal infringement on daily operations:
    Smart interventions, niche-time exercises, high frequent micro learning and the like ensure maximum effect with least possible infringement on daily operations.

Needless to say

  • Phased collaboration:
    Prior to committing to new assignments, we take clearly identifiable steps to allow for trust in successful collaboration to grow.
  • Solid and in science grounded approach:
    We combine well known and less known theories and instruments from various sciences, and craft them into one integrated and tailor made action plan.
  • Collaboration and relevance:
    We work in co-creation and where possible also in co-execution. This to ensure continuous highest level of relevance.

Effect and pay off

We have the expertise and experience to successfully take on even the most complex and tenacious situations. Small or big, single or multi-site, in one or several countries with a variety of cultures.

Our customers mention measured effects of Revenue Increase, Cost Reduction, better Customer Satisfaction, better Collaboration, better Leadership, less Staff Fluctuation, less Absenteeism, higher Employee Satisfaction, fewer Errors, successful Change Process, and more…

Here are some ‘recognitions’ as a result of our efforts.

Nominated IKEA Store EN
Best Supply Chain Unit EN
Best Service Desk EN
Winning NATO EN